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New Kidd gives you the safest water heater

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SecurityFromprofessionalismandresponsibility Safety:Hasaleadingdomesticelectricsafetypatentgroup Professional:30yearsofinternationalproductmanufacturingexperience Selectingthesafetyofthewaterheateriso


Security From professionalism and responsibility
Safety: Has a leading domestic electric safety patent group
Professional: 30 years of international product manufacturing experience
Selecting the safety of the water heater is of the utmost importance. Once a person leaks electric current while taking a bath, electric shock is likely to occur and severely endangers life.
Therefore, consumers should put safety first when choosing a water heater.
New Kidd Electric Protection System relieves you of worries, safe bathing, and escort.
In order to ensure 100% electricity safety, the new Kidd Water Heater fully considers potential safety hazards such as ground suspension and water entrainment in the user's actual environment, and adopts an active multi-active protection internal structure to fundamentally solve the problem. Possible security issues.
■ Far exceeds the operating current standard of similar products: The safe current that the human body can endure is 30 milliamps, so most manufacturers set the internal leakage standard of the electric water heater at 15-30 mA (safe current within 30 mA). New Kidd will cut off the power leakage current set at 5-10 mA to ensure safety.
■ Absolutely safe automatic power-off criterion: In the event of internal leakage of the electric water heater, the operation time of the new Kidd cut-off power supply is strictly controlled within 0.1 second. This technology has obtained national patent.
■ Multi-function tester: It adopts the world-advanced multi-functional tester to test its pressure resistance, insulation, power and grounding.
■ Simulated leakage environment test: A safety testing room is built to simulate various leakage environments and the safety performance of the electric water heater is tested.
■ Patented leakage protector, 0.75MPa safety relief valve, anti-dry protection, anti-overheat protection, anti-freeze protection, ground protection and other multiple security protection.