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College entrance exam Are you ready?

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Whenthecollegeentranceexaminationwasconducted,youthwasmadeinthenameofadream. PreparefortheentranceexamNewKiddelectricwaterheatertohelpit!!! Firstsleepenough Foryoungpeoplearoundtheageof20,includingsle

When the college entrance examination was conducted, youth was made in the name of a dream.
Prepare for the entrance exam New Kidd electric water heater to help it! ! !
First sleep enough
For young people around the age of 20, including sleeping and napping at night, they usually have enough sleep for 8 hours a day. The so-called enough sleep is a clear-headed mind after sleeping, not drowsy during the day, energetic.
Pick a night light, sleep late and get up early. Although this practice can be understood, but too much time occupied by sleep, sleep is too short, the brain can not get the rest, it will affect the brain's response sensitivity, memory, thinking ability, but also affect people's psychological mood. This review is not efficient, and the status of the exam is not good, often more than gain.
Second sleep is punctual
The first key to good sleep is punctuality. People who can't sleep well are mostly related to their poor sleep.
Some students have formed the habit of sleeping in the night and sleeping during the day. This sleep-wake rhythm is not conducive to the college entrance examination. Because the college entrance examination is arranged during the day, if the candidate is most awake when it is evening, and the most uneasiness is just when the examination time, it will affect the normal play of the examination level. The correct approach is that, during the review stage, the schedule should be adjusted to the morning and afternoon exam time according to the schedule of work schedules at the college entrance examination. The method of adjustment is to stay in bed at 10 minutes before the exam, or at 6 o'clock in the morning, whether or not you sleep well and get up on time, every day. After a few days, they will gradually adapt to the habit of getting up early and going to bed early.
The third way to have insomnia
First of all, we must have a correct understanding of insomnia. Don't be discouraged after an occasional insomnia. You have to think that it doesn't do much harm to you. You still have to keep your schedule, do not sleep early, and get up on time in the morning.
Second, calmly face insomnia. Do not have a "sleep" mentality after an occasional insomnia. The correct approach is not to think that insomnia last night, will not sleep tonight; to relax physically and mentally, eyes closed and repose, the same can play a resting purpose, drowsiness but unexpectedly.
Third, don't bring homework and exams to bed. Half an hour before going to bed should be spent in quiet, do not read books, think about problems; after going to bed, to eliminate all thoughts, do not think about review or exam. You can imagine some relaxing scenes.
Fourth, take a comfortable hot bath! ! !
The expert reminds two points: Candidates can wash a hot bath for two or three hours before going to bed. They can help sleep because bathing can increase body temperature. When the time comes to sleep, body temperature drops. If you do not adjust the biological clock in time before the college entrance examination, you still fall asleep after 12 o'clock in the evening. It is recommended that you do not suddenly change the habitual time of the day before the exam. Remember that even if you don't sleep well for one night, you won't have much impact on the next day, so it's best to stay accustomed to nature!