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Popular knowledge: maintenance of electric water heaters and power saving tips

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Each household can not be separated from the water heater, the installation of a water heater is often used by the family for several years, with the weather getting colder, home bathing requirements for hot water is higher, but really understand the water heater users really not much, Water heaters that work every day must also be carefully protected. Today Xiao Bian will introduce you to the use and maintenance methods of electric water heaters to make you and your family more healthy this winter.
Electric water heater maintenance
1, turn off the power
For users who often do not turn off the power supply, they should check the water heater. If there are any abnormalities, they should be promptly sent to the maintenance point for repair. It is recommended to replace the thermostat and heater every three years to the designated maintenance point.
2, liner cleaning
Any electrical appliance used for a long time will have dirt, water heaters are the same, the liner is best cleaned once every six months, the cleaning method is to first cut off the power, close the inlet valve, and then open the outlet valve, the drainage valve on the relief valve counterclockwise At 90 degrees, the water and sediment in the water heater are drained naturally and then cleaned with tap water. After cleaning, restore the drain switch to its original position.
3, cleaning debris
When the water heater is used for a period of time, we will find that the amount of water from the shower reduces. This means that there is debris blocking the outlet. At this time, we must promptly clean up the debris that must be plugged to ensure unobstructed outlets. This will extend the water heater. Useful life.
Power saving tips for electric water heaters
1. Choose a high-quality, reputable electric water heater.
2, choose a good insulation effect, with anti-fouling device electric water heater.
3. The area where the time-of-use price is to be implemented should be opened at the trough, heat storage and heat preservation, and closed during peak hours, which can reduce electricity expenses.
4, shower temperature setting is generally 50 ~ 60 °C, do not need water should be promptly shut down to avoid repeated boiling.
5, if the home needs to use hot water every day, and the water heater insulation effect is better, then you should let the water heater always power, and set in the insulation state. Because the electricity used to keep warm for a day is less than the electricity used to heat a box of cool water to the same temperature.
6, the temperature controller can be turned down in summer, instead of using a shower instead of bath can reduce costs.
How to clean electric water heater
1. Before the electric water heater is cleaned, it is necessary to remove the power supply, cut off any form of heating of the electric water heater, and turn off the cold water and hot water angle valves below the electric water heater.
2, remove the pressure relief valve wrench limit device, with a plastic pipe connected to the relief valve pressure relief valve on the small pipe used to lead out of the water tank, the pressure relief valve wrench from the vertical position, turn At 90 degrees, the pressure relief valve has been opened.
3, disconnect the hot water pipe at the metal hose connector, then you should see from the pressure relief valve out of water, let go of the water in the tank, until the pressure relief valve nozzle is basically no water out At that time, the water in the bladder was almost completely discharged, and with the released water, most of the scale in the bladder had already been discharged.
4. Next, connect the metal hose of the cold water pipe to the hot water outlet of the water heater, turn on the cold water valve, and let the cold water rush into the tank from the hot water pipe. Then you can see the outflow of the pressure relief valve outlet. Mixed with scale water. Repeatedly repeated these steps, after many flushes, the water from the outlet of the pressure relief valve has been very clean, indicating that the inner liner is basically clean.
5, restore the pressure relief valve to the original look, put the lever down again, reconnect the hot water pipe and hot water valve, reconnect the cold water pipe and the cold water valve, open the hot water valve and Cold water angle valve, in the hot water pipe connection of the hot water angle valve, open the hot water faucet, after the hot faucet has water out, then close the hot water faucet to ensure that the tank has been emptied of air and filled with water.
6. Check whether there is leakage at each joint. If there is leakage, reconnect it to ensure that there is no leakage at each joint. Plug in the electric water heater, turn on the power and check the heating. After everything is normal, the cleaning work is completed.
Under normal circumstances, as long as the above steps to clean the electric water heater, you can basically clean. If you are in trouble, you can remove the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe, shake the machine, make the water in the tank clean, and re-inject the water to clean it. This way, if you wash it three or four times, you will not be able to ask a professional service technician. On-site service.