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New Kidd: Winning Core in Segment Markets Leading Industry Product Upgrades

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the economic level, the process of urbanization and urbanization in the country has been accelerating and the demand for household appliances has continued to increase. A variety of brands of household appliances contend for the market, in order to squeeze market share, constantly updated product technology, improve the brand of electrical appliances "word of mouth."
Shandong New Kidd Electric Co., Ltd. settled in Liaocheng in 1997, specializing in the manufacture of electric water heaters, split solar water heaters. With nearly two decades of entrepreneurial hard work, the company has played its own advantages in the competition and won more consumer recognition with excellent product quality and leading intelligent technology. Today, New Kidd Electronics holds a certain market in the northern household appliance industry, and the market share in Liaocheng City is almost 70 percent.
How does New Kidd Electric Co., Ltd. gain market recognition in the competition? How does the company grow in development?
Recently, with these problems, the reporter came to New Kidd Electric Co., Ltd. and interviewed Pan Chunlin, general manager of the company.
"The scientific and technological content of products is the guarantee for the continuous development of the company." Pan Chunlin told reporters that the company's electricity safety research of electric water heaters, the first to obtain national safety certification, the research of the leakage protection plug obtained a number of national patents. The new Kidd patent leakage protector is used by many well-known brand electric appliances and electric water heater companies. More than 100 million users around the world use it, and they are hailed as “safety experts” in the industry.
New Kidd was founded in 1979 in Hong Kong, is a famous small home appliance OEM manufacturing company, product marketing in many countries in Europe and America. In 1997, this technological innovation company settled in Liaocheng with a registered capital of RMB 41.99 million and specialized in the manufacture of electric water heaters and split solar water heaters. Products have been the relevant national departments of "home appliances to the countryside", "energy-saving benefits products." At the beginning of its establishment, the company established an ISO quality system, imported Germany's full set of automated production lines, and has a number of invention patents.
In recent years, New Kidd has been pursuing “safety, excellence, and focus”, established the industrial standard of enamel and welding technology for water heaters, and selected the world’s top 500 suppliers to strictly implement the European process standards. New Kidd’s water heaters have a long lifetime. 15 years. New Kidd brand safety patented products are selected by most European and American companies, and their leakage protection products have more than 100 million.
At present, the competition in the water heater industry is fierce. How to get out of a road to break through is a top priority for SMEs.
New Kidd is committed to segmenting the market to shape the core and continuously improve product performance and appearance based on user needs. Pan Chunlin said that people's bathroom space at home is getting smaller and smaller, and some small, stylish electric water heaters are loved by consumers. The company continues to improve its product performance and appearance to meet the needs of the general public.
The intelligent technology of products is the trend of development. Today's electric water heater products are not only satisfied with simple heating needs, but also have remote control functions. After work, users can text or remotely control the electric water heater, so that the electric water heater can automatically warm up, which is more convenient and convenient. For the 90s and 80s, New Kidd designed the fast heat products, which are fast, stylish, safe, compact, meet the living environment, and lead the industry's product upgrades.
“The company has developed the first split solar water heater, which is a water heater that does not use electricity, can provide a comfortable user experience, achieve energy-saving building integration, and has obtained provincial and municipal energy-saving product promotion records. At present, the new Kidd is continuing to develop solar energy. And heat pump technology." Relevant person in charge said that as a small and medium-sized company, the company is dedicated to market segmentation of proprietary technology. Currently preparing for a new industrial park, the future will enter the air conditioning, purification and water treatment areas, will better integrate Liaocheng's resource advantages and policy support, to achieve brand regionalization specialization, the formation of northern characteristics of home appliances companies, to achieve better Corporate value, serve the society.
Accompanied by the accelerating process of domestic urbanization and urbanization, the new type of urbanization is on the path of intensive, smart, green and low-carbon, which also brings new opportunities for the development of New Kidd.
New Kidd is gradually developing new energy-saving water heaters and household environmental products: Air source heat pump water heater R&D, energy-saving air purifiers and water purifiers are under development. In addition, the company cooperates with famous universities and scientific research institutions to research and manufacture other energy-saving household electrical appliances, and strives to build the company into an industrialized R&D and manufacturing base for new energy-saving and environmental protection products in Liaocheng within five years.