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There is a market strategy. Water heater market prospects are good

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The 2013 Water Heater Industry Marketing Summit and the 2nd Instant Heat Water Heater Club Meeting were successfully held on the evening of November 24th at Shanghai Platinum Hotel. The meeting received AO Smith, Noh, New Kidd, Yalishi, Dante, Fred's strong support and assistance, more than 30 water heater companies and water heater dealers attended the club meeting.
The conference first reviewed the work of the club in 2013 and was introduced by the Secretary of the Fast-fire Club and the reporter of Beijing Modern Appliances magazine, Feng Guozhong, and the key tasks of the club in 2014.
⦾ Market prospects are always on the way. Companies need to use their own methods to stimulate the market.
Gao Min, an industry researcher at Beijing Zhongyekang Times, introduced the overall situation of the water heater industry in 2013 and analyzed the market trends in 2014. From the perspective of sales of all categories, the growth of water heaters ranked first, the growth rate was second only to air-conditioning, reached 19.5%, the total size reached 31.9 billion yuan, accounting for 3% of the overall home appliance market. The analysis of data further enhances the confidence of participants in the future market.
It can be said that in the past two years, the overall home appliance industry is not very booming, but the sanitary industry is the industry that suffers the least impact, especially in the three or four-tier market, the performance of electric water heaters is even more prominent, many brands in the three-four market The growth rate exceeds 30%. China's urbanization construction has enabled electric water heaters to enter the golden development period in the 3rd and 4th markets. How to develop this gold mine is also a concern of manufacturers. Ren Yanfeng, deputy general manager of Weiya Electric, shared at the meeting a case for promoting the development of the 3rd and 4th markets through conference marketing. Although it was not their goal to allow users to make funds, it did achieve such an effect. Businesses have hit new highs. It can be seen that if the method is right, the market potential is endless. The key lies in that the company must find a way to suit the company and inspire it.
Split solar water heater Differentiated market opportunities
Pan Chunlin, marketing director of Shandong New Kidd Electronics, made a keynote speech in the conference on the new opportunities in the water heater market segment. He believes that the water heater industry is fiercely competitive. How can we respond quickly to national policies through forward-looking vision and differentiated products? The implementation of an effective marketing strategy to break out of a road to breakthrough is a must-have question in front of small and medium-sized brands. New Kidd has solidified its foundation by using ordinary products and adopted a differentiated product strategy to break out of a road to seize the high-end market. He introduced a new type of split solar water heater for the participating manufacturers. This type of water heater uses a large heat exchanger area, heat transfer is more fully, the overall foaming polyurethane insulation material, better insulation effect, performance is more than the previous solar water heater Big improvement. From the perspective of market development, this type of split-wall solar energy is rapidly entering the market and is also a business opportunity for manufacturers.
In particular, the state’s emphasis on energy conservation and its investment are increasing, and the NDRC has given corresponding subsidies to energy-saving products. For centralized solar heating systems, the central finance and local finances shall be paid in accordance with their qualifications and be subsidized respectively. In particular, the subsidy for schools is given at 7500 yuan/ton in junior high schools and 4,500 yuan/ton in colleges and universities. The marketing mode of contract energy management has entered this field. According to this model, companies do not sell products but provide hot water metering sales services. Therefore, the national policy has guided the development of the industry and is changing our business model. The new type of solar water heater will bring new business opportunities to manufacturers.
⦾ Embrace the electricity supplier better Let the electricity supplier go into reality
Water heater agent Ma Wenhong, general manager of Ningbo Muquduo Electric Co., Ltd., took the company's own development experience as an example, discussed the agency department should timely adjust the business ideas, do a good job of product line integration, and actively participate in e-commerce, but at the same time He also called on water heater brand companies in the tide of e-commerce, must take into account the agents, do not affect the enthusiasm of the agents because of the small profits, how to lead the development of these agents, to meet new challenges is the need for enterprises to consider .
From this year's double 11 sales data, fast-fired electric water heaters accounted for about 12% of sales; in 2013, the annual sales of fast-water heaters will exceed 100 million, occupying the entire fast-fired Electric water industry more than 10% of the share. The traditional offline fast-fired electric water heater dealers, sales of more than 10 million yuan are very few, for traditional companies, in the face of e-commerce impact on the entity, e-commerce explosive growth and other changes, adjust The organizational structure and business model of the company itself are also urgent issues. The marketing layout in e-commerce has also become a difficult problem for many companies. Professional vertical kitchen electric appliances e-commerce platform kitchen hundred percent general manager Feng Jianfeng fast-type electric water heater company's e-commerce actual layout theme speech, for the fast-fired electric water heater manufacturers how to do e-commerce put forward a specific solution Program.
When the tide of e-commerce comes, no matter if it is an enterprise, an agent, or an e-commerce, there is an unlimited business opportunity. E-commerce is more than just sales. It is also an important way for our brand to communicate and interact with consumers. Development and win-win are the most basic goals for manufacturers to cooperate with, and they are the highest law, as long as manufacturers are truly consumer-centric. To grasp the needs of consumers, all difficulties can be solved. However, only those companies that have ideologically attached importance to e-commerce and have concrete safeguards in their actions can win longer-term competitive advantages in order to better grasp the future.
The content of this club meeting was set up to solicit the opinions of most of the participating companies in the early stage, and targeted content organizations were organized. The contents of the lectures were pragmatic and rich, attracting delegates. During the meeting, the audience did not leave the meeting. . After the end of the meeting, all the members of the club took photos together. Many of the delegates were still talking to each other and fully demonstrated that the club had built a platform for communication and exchange with manufacturers, increased industry exchanges, promoted cooperation among enterprises, increased industry consensus, and protected the interests of the industry. We look forward to the next session.