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Solar water heater maintenance

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1. When installing a solar water heater, the water pipe may be stained with dust or oil, and when it is used for the first time, the faucet can be opened to remove debris.
2. The water stored in the solar water heater should be regularly discharged according to the local water quality conditions. The drainage time can be selected when the solar collector is at a lower temperature.
3. The surface of the solar water heater is regularly wiped according to the amount of dust collected in the area. When it rains, it can be cleaned by itself and the surface of the water heater can be kept clean.
Higher heat collection efficiency.
4. When the hot water is not used for many days in continuous sunny days, the hot water temperature is very high. When using a solar water heater, please open the cold water first, and then open the hot water to avoid burns.
5. The outlet of the faucet is generally equipped with a filter device. The scale impurities in the pipe will gather on this network. It should be removed and cleaned on a regular basis, which can increase the flow of water smoothly.
6. In the winter, it is common for pipelines to be frozen. If it is found that the pipeline is frozen but the pipeline has not yet cracked, the temperature can generally be automatically cleared after the temperature rises. You can also use a hair dryer to blow and blow, or take a towel wrapped in the water pipe, and then slowly pour with warm water, cut the fire can not be used to bake, tap the pipe or hot water with hot water, it will make the pipe burst. Multiple freezing plugs can easily crack the pipeline, so it is necessary to strengthen the pipeline insulation measures.
7. On average, solar water heaters need to be cleaned, inspected and disinfected every two to three years. Users can also do some disinfection work by themselves. If they can buy some chlorine-containing disinfectants, pour them into the water inlet and let them soak. For a while, release it again, it can play a certain disinfection and sterilization effect.
8. An average of two to three years of solar water heaters needs to be cleaned inside the vacuum tube to prevent scaling inside the vacuum tube from affecting the heat absorption effect.
9. If the solar water heater is equipped with a special instrument, it is necessary to pay attention to lightning protection and electricity. Do not take a bath and unplug the electric heating plug when thundering.
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