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Split wall-mounted solar water heaters

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Split wall-mounted solar water heaters began to appear in the domestic market as early as 2003. In 2006, some traditional electric water heater brands began to introduce such products. However, in reality, the process of split solar water heaters is not always smooth.
In the early days, when well-known brands of the water heater industry launched such products, they had vigorously promoted them. When encountering the problem that residential properties are not allowed to be installed, brand owners believe that their products conform to the general trend of national energy conservation and environmental protection without affecting the appearance of the property. There is no reason not to allow installation. In order to encourage the local distributors, the factory even promised that if the residential property was not allowed to be installed, the dealers could go to court and the factory to pay for the expenses. But in the final few lawsuits, none of them won. Brand owners have the consideration of brand owners, property companies have considerations of property companies, not only aesthetic problems, but also security issues. A variety of resistances have allowed brand owners to realize that the promotion of split wall-mounted solar water heaters is not as simple as it seems. Therefore, although many brands have launched split wall-mounted solar water heaters, they are slow to advance in the civilian market. However, in the past two years, the annual growth rate of split wall-mounted solar water heaters has exceeded 50% because of industry progress and a favorable development environment.
Good market environment
The first is the change in consumer demand. In the past, consumers had lower requirements for the use of water heaters, but now they are demanding energy-saving products, and the requirements for comfort are also very high. Wall-mounted solar water heaters are pressure-bearing water heaters, the volume is about 100L, the indoor unit has reached the performance of water storage-type electric water heaters, therefore, the use of comfort is very high, but also more than simply with electric water heaters Energy saving.
Followed by the change in installation conditions. In the early days there were several provinces and cities across the country that required the mandatory installation of solar water heating systems in newly built dwellings. The mandatory installation standards are generally bounded by 12-story buildings. Forced installations are required for 12 floors below and 12 floors are encouraged to install because rooftop solar water heaters cannot Meet the needs of high-level installations. With the development of urbanization, the newly-built urban real estate is basically dominated by about 20 floors of small high-rise buildings. Traditional solar water heaters cannot be installed, and only split wall-mounted products can be used.
The third is that in recent years, the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies have been frequent, and local governments have also issued environmental management plans one after another. The support for energy-saving and environmental protection industries has been increasing. For example, Guangdong has incorporated green building construction management into legislation. In the past, some cities only required public buildings and public utilities in cities to use solar energy systems, but now they are also required to install solar heating systems for ordinary residents.
Split-type solar energy central heating has been used in many cold regions before. The southern market has relatively few applications, but it has now developed from the north to the southern market. Shandong New Kidd Electric Marketing Director Pan Chunlin said that the new Kidd split wall-mounted solar water heater has a real estate application in Hainan. In the later period, the market prospects in East China and in densely populated areas will be even better.
Product performance continues to increase
The split-wall solar water heater is composed of a heat collector, a pressurized storage tank, an auxiliary heating system, an intelligent control system, etc. The solar collector is installed outdoors, and the water storage tank is installed indoors, and the internal and external pipelines are connected by pipelines. , The product involves a number of industry knowledge, such as welding, enamel, thermal calculations, etc., and its indoor water tank part is already a complete electric water heater. Since most split solar water heaters use a natural circulation method, natural circulation solar water tanks mainly use jacketed liners and gall bladders. The heat exchange efficiency of the jacket water tank is low, and the amount of heat is less, which is the main factor causing the water to be not hot. The gallbladder bile tank, although solving the problem of easy oxidation and corrosion of the jacket water tank, but to a greater extent reduce the heat transfer area, resulting in greatly reduced system cycle performance, heat transfer efficiency is naturally low. This results in the need for electric heating assistance most of the time, which greatly reduces the energy saving effect of solar water heaters. Therefore, split-wall solar water heaters have relatively high manufacturing requirements.
Therefore, in the past two years, many brands have developed corresponding technologies for split wall-mounted solar water heaters to improve product performance. For example, the electric water heater industry has stricter standards for manufacturing requirements, and manufacturing management is more standardized. New Kidd Electric uses the experience and requirements of electric water heaters manufacturing technology for the production of split wall-mounted solar water heaters. Heater area, heat transfer more fully, the overall foaming polyurethane insulation materials, better insulation effect, performance than before the solar water heater has greatly improved. At the same time, in terms of product volume, most of the products were mainly 100L and 120L. The development trend of miniaturization was more obvious in 2013. The product models of 80L and 60L began to increase. After all, the amount of hot water produced by split wall-mounted solar water heaters The outdoor unit is relatively large, and the miniaturization of the indoor unit is also more suitable for ordinary consumer home installations.
Industry still needs to be standardized
We see that the split-wall solar market is good on the one hand and that there are still some hidden risks in the industry. A large part of the split-type solar energy industry is derived from the vacuum tube solar water heater industry. These companies have come to the new product market from the era of solar energy shopping. The promises of various users are in full swing, so the wall-mounted solar energy industry has started. It is very irregular. After more than 20 years of development in the electric water heater industry, the industry quality standards and process requirements are very standard, and the promised use of the service life of the tank industry can also achieve such goals, and the water tanks and flat collectors of the split wall-mounted solar water heaters Quality, currently still needs to be further certified in the domestic market. And the initial profits of this industry have already been hit by thin competition, and it has also made the marketing of new products difficult.
In addition, the traditional electric water heater is a layer of liner. The internal water tank of the split wall-mounted solar water heater is a two-layer liner. The technical requirements are different from the water storage type electric water heater. The two layers of gallbladder can be used for 20 years from the perspective of foreign manufacturing processes and experience. However, the domestic water quality situation, North-South regional differences, and user's use conditions are different from those of foreign markets. Whether the two-layer liner can guarantee the service life of 5 years or 10 years in the Chinese market still needs further verification. This is why some traditional water heater brands have been promoting product sales several years ago. However, they have not done a good job. On the one hand, the price of the product is high, and on the other hand, the manufacturing process and technology of the water tank have not been handled well.
Post-sale installation needs to be strengthened
Among the factors affecting the development of split wall solar energy industry, the problem of unsupported industries is also more prominent. Split wall-mounted solar water heaters are separated solar water heating systems. The water tank is indoors, the collector is outdoors, and the water point is in the kitchen and bathroom. Compared with the real estate industry, water heaters are still a small industry. Most real estate developers do not reserve separate solar water heaters from the balcony to the toilets and kitchens during the housing design phase. Therefore, the split solar water heater installation must have a corresponding system design.
This determines that split solar water heater installation requirements will be very high, especially the natural circulation of solar energy pipeline is fine, the circulation resistance is large, making the cold and hot exchange rate slow, therefore, the pipeline installation conditions are more severe, the water tank must Above 50cm, and the interior waterway design must be scientific. If the collector is installed on the balcony railing, the water tank must be hung high on the wall, and the height drop will be low and the heat transfer will be slow and inefficient. If the dealer's installation is unprofessional, the indoor thermal circulation system is not good, and it is more likely to cause the water in the outdoor unit to have been turned on, but the heat is not circulating in the room and indoor hot water is not hot. Just like installing an indoor heating system, if the piping design is not reasonable, the water flow is not good, and the heating is not hot is the same reason. Furthermore, because of poor installation, there will be problems such as water leakage. Therefore, in the initial stage, because some brands did not provide systematic training for the installers or installed split products, the impact of the product performance of the installation team was very large, which also affected the reputation of the split solar water heater to some extent.
Do a good market segment
Although split wall-mounted solar water heaters are better developed in the civilian market, after all, the total market volume is small. Although there are many domestic solar water heater companies, there are few companies capable of producing split wall-mounted solar water heaters, and they can truly achieve stable thermal performance. Companies with high safety factors are even fewer.
Therefore, for the whole solar energy system of split wall-mounted solar water heaters, it has not done a lot of promotion for users. For manufacturers, the time for large-scale promotion of this product is still not mature, and the business opportunities for doing market segments are even greater. For example, Shandong New Kidd Electric Co., Ltd. has achieved significant results in its central heating system. Because the country has relevant policies, for the central heating system of solar energy, the central government finances and local finances provide subsidies according to their qualifications. In particular, the subsidy for schools is given at 7500 yuan/ton in junior high schools and 4,500 yuan/ton in colleges and universities. Therefore, the contract energy management marketing approach has entered this area, according to this model, companies are not selling products, but to provide hot water metering sales service, changing the split solar water heater sales model for the development of the company A new business opportunity has come.
In addition, the installation of split wall-mounted solar water heaters is not only involved in the preliminary communication with the real estate company, but also involves the service side and needs to coordinate communication with the residential property. Therefore, it is also feasible to adopt the property consent to enter the community to do promotion. the way. In addition, they can actively participate in the promotion of regional demonstration projects. For example, in Zhejiang, Anhui, and other markets, central roof heat collection, and then install water tanks separately, or connect solar energy and heat pumps together, heating and water systems Combining these requirements, these needs have to be met, and there is greater opportunity to do a good job of market segments.