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Solar water heater purchase skills

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Solar water heaters are not unfamiliar to us. They are green and environmentally friendly. As long as the sun is available, they can continuously supply hot water without spending a penny. It is reasonable to say that the popularity of solar water heaters should be quite high, but the fact is the opposite. Why is that? Previous solar water heaters had to install heat collectors and water tanks on the roof, so they were only suitable for self-built houses and villas. Commercial housing could not provide such a position.
With the improvement of technology, the collector plate of the solar water heater can now be installed outside the balcony of the commercial house, and the water tank can be installed indoors, which solves the problem that the commercial house cannot be installed. That being the case, you are not interested in solar water heaters? The following Xiaobian Shandong new electrical appliances Xiaobian will introduce to you the purchase of solar water heater maintenance skills, friends who are interested may wish to pay attention.
Part1: Learn about solar water heaters before purchasing
Solar water heaters convert sunlight energy into heat and heat water from low to high temperatures to meet people’s need for hot water. Solar water heaters can be divided into two types: vacuum tube type and plate type. The vacuum tube type needs to be installed on the roof of the building, while the flat type can be installed outside the balcony of the commercial room.
The principle of work of the two is the same: the first layer of sunlight passing through the heat pipe shines on the black heat-absorbing layer of the second layer of glass and absorbs the heat of the sunlight. Since the two layers of glass are vacuum insulated, the heat It cannot be transmitted outside, but only to the water in the glass tube, so that the water in the tube is heated. After the water is hot, it goes up to the heat storage bucket along the heating surface of the glass tube. The water with relatively low temperature in the barrel enters the glass tube along the back surface of the glass tube to be replenished, so that the water in the heat preservation bucket is continuously heated. In order to achieve the purpose of hot water.
The advantages of solar water heaters: environmental protection and energy conservation, when the sun is full, it does not cost a penny with hot water; the temperature is stable; the service life is long, and there is no leakage, leakage, etc., and safety;
Disadvantages of solar water heaters: the price is more expensive; the installation requirements are higher; the long-term use in the summer is not long, the water temperature of the storage tank is high, which easily leads to the aging of the pipeline; the electric heating is needed in winter or cloudy days;
Solar water heaters for the crowd: Although the initial investment of solar water heaters is large, the cost of use is extremely low, especially in areas with long sunshine hours and high intensity. It does not cost a penny with hot water. Since gas and electricity are not used, gas poisoning or leakage will not occur and the use is safe. The products are not only suitable for rural self-built houses and villas, but also for commercial houses.
Part2: Master the purchase skills of solar water heaters
First, choose the brand and after-sales service
It is necessary to choose a professional manufacturer of solar water heater manufacturers, preferably a quality brand, in order to have excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service system and commitment.
Second, look at the quality of the vacuum tube
The vacuum tube is a key component of the water heater. The amount of heat obtained by the vacuum tube under the same external conditions directly affects the temperature of the water. When purchasing, carefully observe the coating on the glass tube inside the vacuum tube. The color is generally black, dark blue or dark gray. The coating with good quality is uniform in color, and the film has no scratches, no peeling or peeling. On the glass. There is also no stone, and the support is placed in a positive position without loosening.
Third, look at the insulation layer and liner selection, process technology
There is a layer of insulation material between the shell and the tank of the solar water heater tank, which plays a key role in the insulation of hot water. The service life of the polyurethane insulation material can reach 15 years or more.
The liner is where hot water is stored. It is best to use stainless steel plates with a thickness of about 0.5 mm. In short, consumers should choose to import polyurethane and thicker water tanks.
Fourth, look at thermal performance indicators
Not the higher the water temperature in the tank, the better the thermal performance, but the higher the average daily efficiency, the lower the average heat loss coefficient. The second is to see if the pressure test of the water heater is qualified. If the pressure test fails to meet the standard, it will easily lead to leakage of the water heater, which wastes hot water and cannot be used.
Fifth, look at the bracket design
The bracket supports the shelf of the collector and the insulated water tank. Requires a firm structure, high stability, resistance to wind and snow, aging resistance, and no rust. The material is generally sprayed with stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel.
Sixth, choose the tank capacity
The average family bathing water is the lowest: 30L for men and 40L for women. If household water includes kitchen, the total amount of water can be estimated according to the average water consumption of 40L. The water temperature of household solar water heaters is generally calculated according to 50-60 degrees, and the water capacity of the water heater is converted. The actual purchase is also determined according to the condition of the water heater.
Part3: Precautions for using solar water heaters
1. The water tank cannot be replenished immediately after drying in the water.
Even in the harsh winter season, the water tank must not be immediately replenished after waterless sun exposure. Since the temperature inside the tube can reach 2500C when the vacuum tube is in the air, the water in the water tank or the first water must be before the sunrise or the sun. Go down half an hour later to prevent explosion.
Second, the use of electric auxiliary heating attention to prevent dry burning
The installation of auxiliary heat sources should regularly check whether the auxiliary heat source device and the heat exchanger work normally or not. For the auxiliary heat source to be heated by the electric heating tube, it is necessary to ensure that the leakage protection device works reliably before use, otherwise it cannot be used. When using the auxiliary electric heating, special attention should be paid to the water supply. The amount of water in the water tank should not be less than 50% to prevent water from drying out. When taking a bath, pay special attention to unplugging the power plug and do not use it with power.
Third, the correct use of electric heating cable
When installing the heating cable, you must pay attention to the selection of quality products to ensure normal use and reduce hidden dangers. When using the heating tape, pay attention to closing it immediately after defrosting, and try not to use it when the voltage is unstable.
Fourth, to ensure that the water heater can withstand strong winds
In winter, how windy, solar water heaters are installed outdoors, so water heaters and roofs should be installed firmly to resist the invasion of strong winds. In case of strong windy weather, the solar water heater can be filled with water to increase the wind resistance and load-bearing capacity of the water heater, and to disconnect power supplies such as electric heating and instrumentation.