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New Kidd gives you the most energy-efficient electric water heater

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Personalizedfashionlifewithauniquehumandesign Eachexquisitedetailmeetsyourpursuitofperfectquality,reflectingyourextraordinarytasteoflife. Widertemperatureregulation,multipleintelligenttemperaturecontr
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Each exquisite detail meets your pursuit of perfect quality, reflecting your extraordinary taste of life.
Wider temperature regulation, multiple intelligent temperature control,
Let you enjoy a fun bath anytime
■ Energy-saving technology is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of enterprises and is the future direction of development of products. New Kidd knows that an energy-saving water heater can not only give users a pleasant feeling of use, but also save consumers a lot of money. New Kidd uses high-quality, low-energy components and unique and reasonable structural and functional design. The products meet the national energy efficiency standards.
■ The exquisite degree of water heater material technology directly determines the service life of the water heater. Each material of New Kidder Water Heater has undergone rigorous process and strict inspection procedures to ensure excellent product quality, long service life and superior to other ordinary products in the market.
Super anti-fouling Long life
Liner and heating tube as the core components of the water heater, is responsible for the long-term normal operation of the water heater. New Kidd uses ultra-long special stainless steel heating tube material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, burst resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-scaling, and silicon cobalt micro Crystal liner, high-quality magnesium rods form a protection system, will enhance the overall quality of the water heater to a more prominent realm, and maintain long-term efficient operation.
Multiple security protection
Overpressure protection: The unique piston design automatically relieves pressure when the internal pressure exceeds 0.75MPa, ensuring that the electric water heater operates within a safe range.
Dry burning protection: When the water heater is dry in dry state, the sensing system will quickly pass the signal to the power controller, and cut off the power in time to protect it.
Over-temperature protection: equipped with advanced over-temperature protection device, can accurately determine the temperature, once the temperature is too high, immediately cut off the power, safety and more protection.
Professional welding technology
Specialized imported high-speed welding equipment assembly line and professional welding process. PLC automatic gas welding, to ensure a pass rate, strict elimination of the Weld, weld performance 100% sealed, and a good combination with the coating penetration.
Leading coating process
The new Kidd water heater adopts imported European coating spraying equipment. It will import microcrystalline porcelain glaze powder and evenly spray it on the inner bladder. After 870° high temperature sintering, the glaze layer will be even and dense, closely adhered, and its thermal and thermal stability will meet Grade A standards. , effective anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
Special care heating tube
New Kidd long submersible heating tube adopts international advanced special stainless steel materials to effectively prevent crevice corrosion, prevent scale formation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and burst resistance. The surface is treated with a special process, smooth and not easy to attach scale, heat transfer Fast speed, high efficiency, energy saving and power saving.
Quality magnesium stick
Long and bold design, extrusion molding, effective protection of the inner liner, especially insert stainless steel inner core to ensure that it is not easy to break, long life.